Regina family mourns homicide victim

The family of a woman whose death is being investigated as a homicide in Regina is mourning her loss.
Maxine Goforth, mother of murder victim, Kelly Goforth (above), will be testifying in Saskatoon at the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls National Inquiry. (Facebook )

The family of a woman whose death is being investigated as a homicide in Regina is mourning her loss. 

Kelly Goforth's body was found Wednesday evening in an industrial part of Regina. 

The relatives of the 21-year-old are trying to hold things together since they've heard the news. 

The family said they remember Goforth as a strong woman of faith with dreams of becoming a model. 

Kelly Goforth's family gathered Friday to share their memories and look at pictures of the 21-year-old. (CBC)

"She was just a beautiful person," said her sister Shayleen Goforth. "Always smiling, always being encouraging and supportive. Even if she was going through a hard time, she'd always be the one telling you it's gonna be okay. She would always tell my mom or me and my sisters and brothers 'don't worry, it's gonna be okay." 

Her sister, Shayleen, lived with her. She said she started to get worried when Kelly didn't come home after a trip to the store.

"And that's when we got word after midnight…about, well they found her," said Shayleen. "And that just broke us all."

Some family members brought butterflies over to her house, which her sister Shayleen said is a symbol of Kelly's traditional name. 

"Kamamakoose…I forget what that name is, but she loved her name," said Shayleen. "It meant 'little butterfly."

The police and Coroner's Office are investigating her death. 

This is Regina's seventh homicide of the year.