crack'ed black pepper burger nicki's cafe

The specials board at Nicki's Cafe in Regina pokes fun at Toronto's expense. (CBC)

A Regina restaurant has added a menu item which mocks Toronto's mayor Rob Ford, based on his recent admission to having used crack cocaine.

Nicki's Cafe created a cracked pepper hamburger and — with a simple tweak to the punctuation on the specials board — the menu item became a 'crack'ed pepper burger, which took off like hot cakes.

"We don't want to make fun of anybody, that's the last thing I want to do," Perry Makris, the owner of the restaurant, told CBC News Friday. "Especially when it comes to drug abuse and stuff like that. But we don't want to offend anybody with it, it's like I said. We're just making light of the situation."

The mockery attracted one customer who said he was driving through Regina, heard about the 'crack burger' and decided to makes a special stop to partake.

"I was driving from Winnipeg to British Columbia," Jason Solnik said. "I heard about the crack burger on the radio, and I was like, well I have got to stop and try that."

The hamburger was on most plates during the Friday lunch rush and customers were eating up the reference to Ford, with relish.

"He pretty much deserves what he gets," Troy Sangster said of the roasting Ford is getting. "He's apologizing but he's not stepping down. He's running around kind of like a buffoon so I think all jokes are allowed."

At least one customer, who selected a different lunch item compared to her dining companions, thought the restaurant's attempt at humour was laudable, as a business ploy.

"I think that it's a joke," Sandy Gelowitz said. "I think that the whole world has been talking about what's been going on in Toronto and I think it's good for business."

With files from CBC's Roxanna Woloshyn