Pedestrians and motorists are experiencing growing pains when it comes to using a revamped 12th Avenue in downtown Regina.

About one block of 12th Avenue, just north of Victoria Park, was transformed into City Square Plaza.

The space, with special bricks and lighting fixtures, took several years to build and cost $13 million, several million dollars over its original budget.

The project also generated considerable discussion over whether it would be open primarily to traffic or pedestrians.

Currently it is a shared space for motorists and pedestrians, a situation that has some a bit leery.

"I really don't want to worry about getting hit by a car when I'm walking," Devon Stolz told CBC News Tuesday. "I'm a pedestrian."

Others said the street should have been left as a dedicated route for traffic.

"I don't think it should have been done at all in my opinion," Clint McLaren, a motorist, said. "I like having the streets, [they provide] much better access to downtown."

An official with the City of Regina said they are working on finding a balance to keep both pedestrians and motorists happy.

With files from CBC'sDean Gutheil