A new downtown plaza space in Regina is almost ready to open following a number of construction delays.

The plaza, on the north edge of Victoria Park, is designed to handle regular downtown traffic when there are no events taking place.

It also has special lighting and is set with paving stones so the space can be used for concerts and other outdoor events.

Officials expect most of their work will be done in time for the Regina Folk Festival, which kicks off Aug. 5 and features k.d. lang and 29 other acts.


Workers will set enough paving stones to cover two football fields. (CBC)

Denise Donahue, the project manager of the plaza for the city of Regina, says workers will set 350,000 paving stones.

"It was a very industrious task, to do almost two football fields of paving stones in one season," Donahue said as work progressed at the site Wednesday. "We've done a really good job."

Work on the site has been set back due to rainy weather and unexpected snags when the street was opened up.

Donahue has said the project will stay within its $9 million budget by scaling back on some elements.