Regina Dolphin swim club members afraid they'll be kicked out

A group of parents with the Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club say they're scared of the club's board of directors and they want a meeting to sort things out.

Some parents co

A group of parents with the Regina Optimist Dolphin Swim Club say they're scared of the club's board of directors and they want a meeting to sort things out.

They are angry that earlier this year, two children were kicked out of the club after their mother sent a fax to the organization's auditor, asking questions about the finances.  

They say they're worried the same thing will happen to their families if they speak out.

Andrea Mac Murray faxed the letter anonymously from a Regina shopping mall.

According to a letter obtained by CBC, club officials discovered she was the one who had sent it. Mac Murray says somebody accessed the surveillance video from the shopping mall.

She and her family were struck from the club for allegedly violating its code of conduct.  

A senior Regina police officer is now on administrative leave and is being investigated in connection with the case.

C.J. Katz is one of several concerned parents who came to the meeting last night. She wants the board to let Mac Murray and her family back into the club.

"Everybody's afraid of being kicked out of the club and frankly, me speaking to you on camera ... I probably will get a letter from the club tomorrow kicking me out of the club," Katz said.

Connie Wagner, another club member, said she worries her kids could be next.

"I have four kids ... all four love to swim. And it's scary to know that they won't be able to do it because their mom spoke out," Wagner said.

Earlier this week, the Dolphins board sent a letter to members reminding them of a club policy that requires they only say positive things about the club in public.

"We received an email that felt to me personally felt threatening if we came to support a woman," Wagner said. "We fear on a daily basis."