Amjad Ali has been suspended indefinitely after pleading guilty to five charges including taking money for prescribing marijuana to patients. (CBC)

A Regina doctor whose licence was revoked after being found guilty of making sexual advances to patients has been suspended indefinitely Friday for a set of different charges.

In June the College of Physicians and Surgeons, which oversees medical doctors, took away Amjad Ali's medical licence after he was found guilty of misconduct against six patients, with five of those cases involving sexual misconduct.

Now, Ali has been suspended after entering a guilty plea for five other charges of unprofessional conduct.

Two of the charges relate to practicing while he was suspended, two more charges are for charging an excessive amount of money for the work he did, and a final charge is for encouraging one patient to tell others to contact him for prescriptions for marijuana.

Bryan Salte, the legal counsel for the College said Ali had prescribed marijuana to patients, in one case charging $400 cash and in another $500 cash.

Salte said Friday's decision makes it more difficult for Ali to return to work.

"He would have to get a licence back but getting a licence back when you're suspended doesn't allow you to actually practice, it just says that you have a piece of paper basically," said Slate. "And if he's indefinitely suspended it would mean that the council would have to then lift that suspension."

Ali's lawyer, Aaron Fox, said his client is still hoping to get his medical licence back. He said right now Ali is taking medication and receiving counselling to deal with personal issues.

"At some point in time when we feel as though those have been addressed and he's in a position to reapply for a licence that's what it will take," said Fox. "That hasn't happened yet and I can't tell you when that will happen."

Ali has been disciplined by the College four times since 1999.