A Regina doctor who made sexual advances to patients has had his licence revoked permanently.

The ruling came Friday from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, which oversees medical doctors.

According to the college, Dr. Amjad Ali kissed one patient and asked her to be his lover. He also offered to be another patient's lover after she asked about coming to work for him.

The college found Ali guilty of misconduct against six patients, with five of those cases involving sexual misconduct.

The permanent suspension was imposed because the college determined Ali had not changed his ways following previous disciplinary actions.

"He has not modified his behaviour as result of of those discipline proceedings," Bryan Salte, the college's lawyer, said. "And there is no assurance that if he were to continue in practice that he would be able to do so ethically and appropriately."

 Ali had been disciplined by the professional body four times since 1999.

He has also been ordered to shut down his clinic in Regina.