'It's like a motorcycle:' Regina resident sounds alarm over noise from flour mill

A Regina man wants to send a warning to future residents of a development to be located within earshot of a flour mill because of the noise he says it produces at night.

David Mah says continuous humming from the NutraSun Foods flour mill

David Mah said he began hearing an annoying hum from a flour mill this past summer. (Staff/Radio-Canada)

A Regina man disturbed by the nighttime noise of a flour mill near his neighbourhood is warning future residents to take note of his concern before signing their name to a new home. 

David Mah lives in the The Greens on Gardiner neighbourhood in the city's ever-expanding southeast area. After completing a sun room on his house in the newly developed neighbourhood this summer, he began to notice a continuous hum emanating from some undetermined source in the distance. 

After investigating, Mah said he discovered the noise to be coming from the flour mill at NutraSun Foods Ltd., located in a field off Primrose Green Drive. 

This flour mill in southeast Regina is too noisy at night, residents say. (Staff/Radio-Canada)

"It sounds like an airplane flying overhead," Mah said of the sound, which he said is most audible on evenings around 9 p.m.

"It's like a motorcycle."

Mah said it's been so noisy he's been kept up at night. He went around the neighbourhood and informed residents about where the noise was coming from, explaining that many initially thought it was from the construction of the Regina Bypass. 

Warning to new residents

He's collected 47 names on a petition from 38 different homes, and hosted a meeting with concerned residents.

Ideally, Mah said he wants the city to introduce some new noise mitigation measures, like a sound barrier. 

On Monday, he plans to address Regina's city council, which is set to approve a concept plan for the Chuka Creek Business Park that will allow for new industrial developments and only increase the noise for current and future neighbours, said Mah.

"People are buying into them without knowing this — I think it's very unfair. They need to be informed before they do a purchase."

Ward 4 Coun. Lori Bresciani says the city checked and found no sound violation despite complaints from residents. (Staff/Radio-Canada)

No sound violation found

Ward 4 Coun. Lori Bresciani met with Mah and other concerned residents.

She said she's contacted management at the flour mill, which has resulted in them now working to reduce the noise to neighbouring homes.

However, city staff did check the noise levels and found no violation, Bresciani said. 

"As the development grows out there, there's going to be a sound barrier by the [Regina Bypass]," she said.

With files from Radio-Canada's Andreanne Apablaza