Regina councillors to discuss future of rooming houses

Regina City Council is meeting tonight to discuss how rooming houses in the city will be regulated.

Regina City Council is meeting tonight to discuss how rooming houses in the city will be regulated. 

The low vacancy rate in Regina has caused the number of rooming houses to multiply, with some saying it's the only affordable accommodations they can find. 

On the other hand, other people say tenants cause problems in neighbourhoods, such as overcrowding and lack of parking. 

"There needs to be better controls for protection of the people that live in these buildings as well as the housing stock in our city needs to be looked after," said Bill Back who lives in Hillsdale, an area that has seen a spike in rooming houses. 

"We have to keep up with the property maintenance of these buildings as well as our own buildings, so we feel the city should be looking into that."

Black thinks the city needs to put some bylaws in place that regulate these types of accommodations. 

"We're hoping the city will recognize that there needs to be some bylaw amendments and maybe even some bylaw creation that will help the people that live in these buildings as well as our communities that have to live with additional demands on housing," said Black. 

Windsor Park residents also frustrated 

People living in Windsor Park are also upset over a house that's being used as a motel. 

The Windsor Home Motel on Alfred Crescent is listed online for nightly and long term stays. 

Neighbours told CBC News it creates similar problems Hillsdale residents are experiencing, including noise. 

"I myself have two young children, and I have to look out for their safety and I don't feel like I can do that and even let them play in my backyard unsupervised because of not knowing who is next door," Ian Zerr who lives in the area.

Residents met their City Councillor, John Findura, Monday to discuss the situation. 

"I am fighting and struggling with on-street parking for visitors from my home and just for the safety of my children," said Zerr who lives in the area. "I didn't choose to live next door to a hotel."

Regina city council meets at 5:30 p.m. tonight. 


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