Regina council approves stickers supporting troops

Regina city council has voted to put "Support our troops" stickers on all city vehicles.

Regina city council has voted to put "Support our troops" stickers on all city vehicles.

The decision, which passed in a 10-1 vote Monday night, is already receiving criticism from people who believe it implies support for theoccupation ofAfghanistan.

Fred Clipsham was the only councillor who voted against the motion from councillors Louis Browne and Bill Gray.

The stickers depict a yellow ribbon and are intended to "support the brave men and women who are risking their lives every day," the motion says. The motion also called on the city to make yellow ribbons available to its employees.

The decals have nothing to do with the debate about whether or not Canada should keep its troops in Afghanistan, Browne said.

"It's not a political endorsement of anything," Browne said. "It's just a statement recognizing the infinite sacrifice that some people are willing to make."

Brown equated the ribbons to Remembrance Day poppies.

Not everyone agreed with that interpretation, including Regina resident Jim Elliott, who was at the meeting. Elliott said the ribbons may lead people to believe the city supports the war.

Similardebateshave beenheardrecently in Calgary and Toronto about whether it's appropriate for police or civic employees to displaysuch stickerson their cars. In Calgary, city council said no, while in Toronto, council came out in favour.

Saskatchewan resident Ann Watson, whose son just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, disagrees with those who say the stickers are inappropriate.

"I don't believe in the war, either, you know," she said. "But we've lost quite a few men out there, so you still have to support them."

All city vehicles will carry the decals as time and money permit, Browne said. He wasn't sure of the cost, but said the decals are about $5 each.