A Qu'Appelle Health Region team is trying to recruit more emergency doctors from the United Kingdom to make up for the shortage in Regina hospitals. 

Doctors in the city are working on their days off and taking on extra hours, but the health region said this can't go on forever. 

"They're taking on sometimes more than I'd like to see them take on for their own wellness," said Glen Perchie, executive director for emergency, EMS and ambulatory care.

Perchie also said there will probably be consequences for Pasqua.

"It would include probably some disruption of services," said Perchie. "Some slowdowns. Potentially some sporadic closures.The objective is, as minimal as we can make it." 

Glen Perchie

Glen Perchie, executive director for emergency, EMS and ambulatory care, for the Regina health region says there probably won't be an increase in doctors until the new year. (CBC )

He said the problem arose when one of the region's doctors retired and three others left to work in British Columbia -- all within a month. 

The region is short about 10 doctors. A health regions task force is in the United Kingdom trying to recruit doctors to come and work in Regina. 

"Our objective right now is to stop the bleeding, so if we can keep it where we are right now and have support from locums and others in the department, I'm hopeful we can avert closures," said Perchie.

He said he doesn't expect to see a significant increase in the number of doctors until the new year. 

"How do you recruit newly trained physicians when they can go anywhere they want, and if there's a better package somewhere where there's mountains and oceans and better money, you have to be really creative in how you attract," said Perchie. 

The province said it's working on improving the situation. It has increased the number of training seats at the province's troubled medical school in Saskatoon as well as residency spots. 

Premier Brad Wall also said the province is taking in more doctors from other countries than ever before. 

"And we've seen some results from that," said Wall. "We have over 200 more doctors practising today in the province than there were in 2007. It's clearly not enough."

The health region is reminding people that if they're not experiencing an emergency to try to seek other options of care rather than an hospital emergency room.