Citizens appearing before city council are now limited to presentations of no more than five minutes. (CBC)

Planning to fight Regina City Hall? In future, you will have to talk a bit faster.

City council has decided to reduce the allotted time for presentations to council to a maximum of five minutes, down from 10.

Also, people will not have to read their written submissions verbatim, but will be allowed to provide a version in their own words.

Council still has some discretion to let people speak for extra minutes.

The changes were recommended in a report prepared by administrators. The report didn't say why the citizen speech time is being cut, only that the bylaw is being updated to reflect "best practices."

One city councillor, Shawn Fraser, has expressed concerns about the time-limit change and wonders why written submissions will still be required.

"Few other Canadian cities require the submission of a written script at all and I don't think Regina should either," Fraser wrote on his blog.

"Also, reducing the amount of time for presentations seems to me like citizens are having something taken away from them in this change with nothing in return."

Saskatoon already has a five-minute limit for people speaking to council.