Regina's city council will take the final vote on whether to proceed with the first stages in building a new football stadium.

Nine council members will decide on a plan to pay the $278 million project, of which $73 million is supposed to come from the city, $80 million from the province and $25 million from the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

The City will also take a $100 million loan from the province.

Councillors will also be voting to approve the concept design for the 33,000 seat, roof ready facility.

These same councillors met nearly two weeks ago as part of the Executive Committee — eight were in favour of the plans and one was opposed.

If the vote holds the plans will be approved tonight.

To see how the stadium decision may affect your annual tax bill you can check out CBC's tax calculator.

CBC will also have a live stadium chat on our website starting at 11:30 a.m. CST.

You can also phone in and express your opinions live on the radio on Blue Sky, right after the 12 p.m. CST news.