Thirty Christmas trees were stolen from a tree lot run by a Regina charity.

The Y's Men are set up at a number of locations.  When a volunteer arrived at their Victoria Square Mall site for an inventory count, it was discovered that 30 trees were missing.

"Exactly what happened, we can't say," Ted O'Brien told CBC News Tuesday. "But they must have had a couple of half tons or a trailer to ship them all out."

O'Brien said it was not immediately clear if the thieves took advantage of a wire-mesh wall that may have blown down in the wind -- or if they pulled the wall down on their own to get at the trees.

The loss of the trees will reduce money raised for charity. Sales prior to now were enough to cover overhead costs. Sales from now on generate revenue for the charity.

"It's surprising," O'Brien added, considering the nature of the season and the theft. "And I'm not sure: what do you do with 30 Christmas trees? Who would even purchase those Christmas trees?"