The City of Regina says it has too many old buses and fire trucks and needs to spend $6.8 million for some new vehicles.

At Monday's city council meeting, councillors will be asked to spend $2.8 million for six new transit buses and $4 million on four new fire trucks. The buses are to be delivered this year and the fire trucks are to be delivered in 2011.

The new vehicles are in addition to two buses and two fire trucks already purchased this year.

The city says some of its vehicle are so old, they could break down at any time.

"It is likely that unless action is taken to correct the situation, a significant number of units are currently at risk to fail out of service, impacting the ability to deliver key fire protection and transit service,"  a report to city council says.

In Regina, the average fire truck is more than 18 years old, while in Saskatoon, the average is only six years.

The bus situation isn't as bad, with the average bus being around 14 years old in both Regina and Saskatoon. However, more than 1/3 of Regina buses are beyond their normal replacement age, the city says.

Last December, 19 buses failed Saskatchewan Government Insurance's safety inspection and had to be taken out of service, the city report said.