They've all spent years in Canada's military and now they're looking into a life and work after their service.

Based in Business is a week-long business "boot camp" underway at the University of Regina. 

It is run by Prince's Charities Canada and aims to teach retired servicewomen and men the ins and out of starting their own business.

After 14 years in the Canadian Forces, Rian Turner is ready to take on a new challenge. She's one of 19 people enrolled in Based in Business. Turner said she has already learned an important rule about entrepreneurship.

Regina business boot camp

"I need to exude that passion to other people," Turner said. "When that happens, then I can look for financing, looking for properties. Then making the dream into fruition."

Turner said she's planning on opening a bed and breakfast in Yukon.

"It helps us to put it on paper and find the right resources that we need to make all this stuff in our head come true," she said.

Michael Daignault said going from "humble" service to selling your own brand isn't always easy.

"Our actions speak louder than our words," Daignault said. "Moving into the private sector, one of the issues I knew I was going to have was social media, that marketing."

Based in Business runs all week. Lessons include how to build a proper business model and how to promote a business using social media.