Downtown bus problems

The City of Regina plans to increase bus fares in 2015, 2016 and 2017. (Google Street View)

Bus fares are going up New Year's Day, Regina City Council has decided — and it's only the beginning of a series of annual increases continuing to 2017.

By then, the price of a monthly adult bus pass will be $92, $30 more than the current price.

A single adult cash fare will be $3.25, up 75 cents from the current.

Next January's higher prices for monthly passes and single cash fares will be $75 (up from $62) and $2.75 (up from $2.50) respectively. 

Regina mayor Michael Fougere says that's still a relatively cheap fare compared with other major Canadian cities.

A monthly adult pass in Saskatoon is $81, for example — 31 per cent more than in Regina.

"We're trying to be fair and reasonable," he said. "We believe we're at the lower end of the increases."

Fougere added the increases will help the city catch up, after not having raised bus fares since 2010.