Regina bus drivers cope with 2 pedestrian deaths this year

Regina transit bus drivers are coping with two pedestrian deaths this year. The most recent happened on Monday when an elderly man died after being hit by a bus, the other happened earlier this year when a 50-year-old woman died after being hit by a pole that was knocked over by a city bus.

These are the only fatalities in the past 23 years, the city says

Regina transit bus drivers are coping with two pedestrian deaths this year. 

The most recent happened Monday morning when an 80-year-old man was struck by a city bus while crossing at a four-way stop at Parliament Avenue and Rae Street. 

The man was rushed to the hospital and died a short time later. 

The driver of the bus is off work for now, said Arnie Beuhler the manager of operations and training for the City of Regina. 

He said a transit supervisor will meet with a driver at the scene when tragedies such as this one happen.  

"That's basically where the support starts," said Beuhler. "Aftercare, obviously we rely heavily on our professionals, and we try to reintegrate the employee after the fact."

Beuhler is referring to professionals such as counsellors and doctors, and adds there's no standard set in place for when drivers involved in these kind of accidents should return to work. 

"So, anytime someone will be reintegrated, we want to make sure that they're obviously in the right frame of mind to be reintegrated as well as we're confident in their ability," he said. 

2 transit fatalities in past 23 years 

This is the second pedestrian killed in a transit bus accident in Regina this year. 

In February of this year a 50-year-old woman was seriously injured after being struck by a pole that toppled over when it was hit by a city bus in Regina's downtown. 

She did not recover from her injures and died in March. 

After an investigation the driver of that bus was not found to be responsible for the death. 

The city said these have been the only two fatalities involving a Regina transit bus in the past 23 years.