Wascana Creek is alive with beavers these days and that means Regina drivers have to keep an eye out, too.

The CBC's Ted Deller learned that firsthand Wednesday morning as he drove across the Albert Street bridge around 4:45 a.m. CST.

Beaver crossing

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A large beaver was crossing Albert Street in front of Deller's vehicle — using a crosswalk, mind you — but the CBC Saskatchewan radio news announcer was able to stop in time.

Deller's dashcam captured video of the beaver heading east onto the sidewalk before taking the stairs down toward Wascana Lake.

According to the Wascana Centre Authority, beavers are always in the park but there don't appear to be more than usual this year.

Beavers have caused ecological issues in the park in the past, authority spokesman Ryan Whippler said. 

When that happens, they are trapped and relocated, he said.