There is a silver lining for one couple at an apartment that caught fire in Regina Sunday morning.

Greg Blanks popped the question to his girlfriend, Brittany May Petrisor, outside her burned apartment building after firefighters retrieved his engagement ring from inside.

Blanks said he was trying to keep the ring a secret, but Petrisor found out once firefighters started asking him about personal belongings and valuables.

"They asked me where my passport and stuff was and I told them I had an engagement ring there too," Blanks said. 

"Instead of waiting for dinner like the initial plan, I decided to propose to her."

'I was really surprised when I found out there was a ring in the burning house.' - Brittany May Petrisor, fiancée of Greg Blanks

Petrisor said that Sunday was also her 20th birthday and she experienced a roller coaster of emotions.

"I was really surprised when I found out there was a ring in the burning house," Petrisor said. "I kind of cried."

Petrisor said she has been with Blanks for about a year. He is from Minnesota and they met online through a mutual interest in video games.

Six suites damaged

Gerard Kay, deputy fire chief with Regina Fire & Protective Services, said that firefighters were first called to the scene on Empress Street at around 6:45 a.m.

He said crews found smoke and flames rising from the top of the building.

"We're glad we were able to get in there and secure the passport and diamond ring," he said.

Kay also said that a pet corn snake was removed from the building.

The six units in the building were damaged, with heavy streams of water raining down on the lower suites.

Nobody was injured in the fire and all occupants—including three children—made it out safely.

The investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing.