Regina Animal care centre's generator stolen during storm

Workers at the 24 HR Animal Care Centre in Regina say a man stole their generator on Friday night. It was set up to power the clinic during a thunderstorm.

Security camera catches man taking generator from 24 HR Animal Care Centre during Friday night storm

A photo of the man who stole a generator at the 24 HR Animal Care Centre veterinary clinic is captured from a security camera video. (24 HR Animal Care Centre)

When the power goes out, many people can get through the storm with candle light and a good book. But power is essential for the animals at the 24 HR Animal Care Centre in Regina.

On Friday night, the Animal Care Centre lost power like many people in Regina's east neighbourhoods. When the lights went out, Maria Just, a veterinarian at the Care Centre, said they started up the generator they have in case such problems occur.
(Google Street View)
Shame on you to jeopardize the life of little animals.- Maria Just

Just said they have many hospitalized patients and a lot of their most important equipment requires electricity.

But when the lights came back on and a worker went to check the generator, Just said a man was walking away with it. 

"Fortunately, the power came back and did not go off again," Just said. "If we don't have a generator to continue surgery in the middle of it, it would have been very dangerous for the patient."

Just said the animals they treat are in "dire situations" and not having access to power could be the difference between life and death.
Maria Just, a veterinarian at the 24 HR Animal Care Centre. (24 HR Animal Care Centre)

"It's like going to a hospital and stealing something essential," she said. "It's just amazing. Amazing that they can have thought of gaining like that."

Just is in disbelief that someone would steal their generator. Her husband has been looking at pawn shops in Regina to try and find the stolen generator, but they haven't found anything yet. The clinic is equipped with a camera that recorded the man getting away.

Just has reported the incident to police, but she also had a simple message for the thief.

"Shame on you," she said. "Shame on you to jeopardize the life of little animals."


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