Pearce Richardson, the bull-pen coach for the Regina Red Sox, has been pressed into service as a player after the team's catcher suffered an injury.

Richardson, 23, is still eligible to play in the league and doing two roles keeps him busy. He must tend to the pitchers as a coach and be ready for his next turn at bat.

"It's more awkward than difficult," Richardson explained to CBC News. "You know, before batting practice I'll be helping pitchers and getting them through all their stuff and the next minute I'm hitting batting practice and getting ready."

Richardson's talent for double-duty was well known to the Red Sox's head coach, Scott Douglas, as the two played together at an American college.

"It's just going back and forth between those two different mind sets," Richardson added. "I'm sure Scott wouldn't have put me in that position if he didn't think I could handle it."

regina red sox

The Regina Red Sox play at Currie Field. (CBC)

Douglas noted the biggest challenge facing Richardson's is knowing his boundaries as a player and a coach.

"You're ... with the players, then you're also with the coaches," Douglas said. "So he's almost in a transition period where he's transitioning actually from a player to a coach and he's kind of in the in between, grey area of that."

As for being prepared for the switch, during a game, Richardson wears his jersey under his coaching jacket.

So when he's called to play he just needs to take off the jacket, put on his cleats and he's ready to go.

With files from CBC's Rikkeal Bohmann