Hundreds of people in Saskatoon swarmed record stores Saturday in celebration of National Record Store Day. 

Many lined up before the city's three stores even opened.

"When I started here back in 2008, we ordered more new CDs than we ordered new records," said Daniel Ethier, who has worked at the Vinyl Exchange for the past five years.

"Now, it's the opposite. We're much more new records than new CDs. CDs have kind of dropped off," he said.

As records regain popularity, more artists are releasing new albums on vinyl.

Currently the Vinyl Exchange has 80,000 records for sale.

Ethier said he credits the album artwork and analog sound for the rise in sales.

Tyler Wake said he likes the culture of collecting vinyl albums.

"You know the way they look when they're stacked up on your wall or in your milk crates, you know, that isn't there with MP3s," said Wake.

 "And the sound is there," he added. "If you're downloading stuff, you're not necessarily getting what the album sounded like when it came out of the studio."