Mild weather records could be falling over like melting snowmen all around Saskatchewan today.

Regina is expected to hit 12 C later in the day, shattering the old record for Feb. 26 of 8.9 C set in 1932.

It's a little cooler in Saskatoon, where the expected high of 5 will fall short of the old record of 7.4 for the day set in 1988.

Thermometer in the snow

Temperatures were in minus territory early Friday morning, but it's warming up and its expected to hit the double digits throughout south and central Saskatchewan later in the day. (Kevin O'Connor/CBC)

Elsewhere around the province, several towns and cities are expecting record-setting, double-digit temperatures, including Moose Jaw (14) and Swift Current (14).

A mild weekend is in the forecast, but by Monday the mercury is expected to zoom downward, with highs in the minus teens.

How are you spending summer in February?

What will you be doing with the beautiful weather? Having a picnic? Jumping on a trampoline? Let us know and share your pictures!


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summer in February

12 C in February! What season are we in? Send us your pictures of how you're spending these beautiful days. (Sheila Coles/CBC)