'It's a dry cold,' provided little comfort to people in Regina who endured the coldest March 11 on record on Wednesday. ((CBC))

Environment Canada says people in Regina endured the coldest March 11 ever noted for that city, when the temperature in Saskatchewan's capital fell to –34.8 C on Wednesday.

Notwithstanding the oft-noted phrase that "it's a dry cold," citizens were frustrated by the length, and depth, of the winter of 2008-2009.

"I would pay to have spring here now," one resident told CBC News on Wednesday. Another noted that the cold, combined with wind, made it feel "like the coldest day from hell."

According to Environment Canada, Regina has seen its coldest winter, measured by daily low temperatures, in 30 years.

One retired meteorologist told CBC News that people may find a positive side to the harsh weather.

"If you don't have hardship, then the good times aren't as good," Dwight Clark said on Wednesday.

"Come June we're going to be saying, 'Oh, it's so darn hot.' And then someone is going to tell us, 'Do you remember that day in early March when it was –35?' And you say, 'Oh yeah, maybe the heat's not so bad after all'."