A new 3D virtual reality display at the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina allows visitors to saddle up and join the musical ride.

That's the well-known showcase for RCMP riders and their horses currently based in Ottawa.

The 3D version is one of a number of new exhibits at the museum this summer season. The exhibit explores the role of horses in the RCMP. 

police photography at the RCMP Heritage Centre

An exhibit on police photography is new this season at the RCMP Heritage Centre. (CBC)

Also new this year is a feature exhibit, Sergeant Brinkworth: Police Photographer, that takes people on a journey as the camera grows from a hobbyist's pastime to a vital tool of modern police work.

It will be on display in the feature exhibit gallery from May 25 until Sept. 6, 2016.

RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina

The RCMP Heritage Centre unveiled its summer schedule on Wednesday, including a new 3D virtual reality exhibit on the musical ride. (CBC)