The RCMP have produced a video, posted to YouTube, hoping to find the body of a man they believe was murdered.

The case of James Carlson has been considered a homicide ever since he went missing five years ago.

In May of 2008 police found his abandoned work truck and, after examining his house in Watrous, determined he was a victim of murder.

Over the years, searches in various parts of rural of Saskatchewan have been made but no body has been found. In 2010, another vehicle owned by Carlson was found. The interior had been covered in automotive fluid making it impossible for police to retrieve evidence such as fingerprints or DNA.

The YouTube video, posted Wednesday, includes clips of Carlson's parents who have been anxious to know what became of their son five years ago.

"I kept all his tools for five years and just last month we put them on an auction sale," Allen Carlson says in the video. "We figured maybe it's about time."

Carlson was last seen at a video store in Watrous, on May 14, 2008.