A cross-border drug investigation led by Saskatchewan RCMP has resulted in the seizure of $17.5 million in drugs and the arrest of four B.C. men.

The Regina Integrated Drug Unit worked with other RCMP drug units in Calgary and British Columbia, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency on an investigation called Project FARIL.

The purpose of Project FARIL was to investigate an alleged drug ring bringing cocaine and ecstasy into Canada through unmanned border crossings in rural Saskatchewan.

As part of the investigation, the Regina Integrated Drug Unit searched a number of homes in British Columbia in early October.

Police say those searches netted 216 kilograms of cocaine and 100-thousand tablets of ecstasy, along with $340 thousand in cash, six vehicles, and a number of guns.

Police say 151 kilograms of cocaine seized from a car stopped on the Trans-Canada Highway near Swift Current in March, 2010, also come from the same drug-trafficking operation.

The combined 367 kilograms of cocaine taken is the largest amount ever seized by the Regina Integrated Drug Unit.

The RCMP alleges the cocaine was meant for distribution in British Columbia, while the ecstasy was to be sold in the United States.

Photos distributed by the RCMP show hidden compartments for storing and transporting the drugs built into trucks and vans and cut into a propane tank stored in the bed of a truck. 

Four B.C. men face a variety of drug-related charges, including importation of cocaine, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and participating in a criminal organization.

Three men will appear in provincial court in Swift Current on Oct. 26, while the fourth will appear in Swift Current on Nov. 7.