Police believe a man in a house on a northern First Nation threatened people and fired a gun before RCMP intervened. 

It happened early Saturday morning on Clearwater River Dene Nation.

Clearwater River Dene Nation Map

Clearwater River Dene Nation is located 9 kilometres north of La Loche, Sask., and about 500 kilometres north of North Battleford, Sask. (Google)

Officers were called to a report of a 25-year-old man threatening people inside, as well as anyone who would come to his house.

Police arrived and the man exited the home before he was arrested. They found one woman inside the house who was not hurt. 

RCMP said the man fired shots both inside and outside of the house. They did not say whether the shots were fired before or after police arrived but charges are pending.

Clearwater River Dene Nation is near La Loche, Sask., approximately 500 kilometres north of North Battleford.