Custodian charged after 100 iPads, electronics stolen from Sask. school

RCMP in Saskatchewan have laid charges against a 54-year-old man in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars of equipment from a school.

RCMP say accused is charged with theft over $5K

Coun. Dustin Ross Fiddler told CBC News that in August, 100 iPads and 80 Chromebooks were stolen from the school. (Nathan Lambrecht/Canadian Press)

A 54-year-old man is facing charges related to the theft of thousands of dollars worth of electronics from a school in Saskatchewan where he worked as a custodian. 

Coun. Dustin Ross Fiddler told CBC News that in August, 180 tablets and laptops were taken from the Waterhen Lake First Nation school. 

At the time, Fiddler estimated the stolen electronics to be worth around $80,000. He said they had been purchased to help students with their reading and math. 

Marcel Bear, the vice-principal of Waweyekisisk School at Waterhen Lake First Nation, said the man RCMP believe is responsible for the crime was the school custodian. 

"I was pretty, well, first of all shocked and kind of disgusted," he said Thursday.  

Bear hopes police can still recover the devices. 

The accused has been arrested and charged with breaking and entering, as well as theft over $5,000. 

RCMP had released video surveillance of the theft in the hopes of the public coming forward with information about the suspect. 

Waterhen Lake First Nation school is 60 kilometres north of Meadow Lake.