The Clearwater River Dene First Nation is near Laloche, in Saskatchewan's north. (CBC)

A coroner's jury that looked into the shooting death, by RCMP, of a man who ran from an attempted arrest says officers need more training on risk assessment.

The jury spent most of this week examining the circumstances of the death of Harry Haineault, who was shot in the chest during a struggle with an RCMP officer on Sept. 2, 2008.

Two police officers went to the home of Haineault's brother, Walter, on the Clearwater River Dene First Nation to arrest Harry, 38. He was wanted on various charges, including assault.


'Continuous risk assessment training for all members regardless of years of service.  After careful evaluation, we strongly agree that a better risk analysis would prevent future incidents of this nature' —Coroner's jury recommendation

A coroner's jury is not to assign any blame regarding a death, but make recommendations on how to prevent deaths in the future.

At the end of their deliberations on Thursday, the Haineault jury said RCMP need more training on how to assess risk.

Haineault died of a gunshot wound to the chest. He had run from the attempted arrest and, when an officer chased him down, the two grappled.

The inquest had been suspended twice in the last two years, after a video was brought forward showing some of the altercation.