Six weeks after a sexual harassment complaint was dismissed due to procedural errors, the RCMP officer at the centre of the issue was promoted.

Sgt. Tim Korman is currently stationed in Rosthern, Sask., but four years ago when he was a corporal in the Buffalo Narrows detachment he was accused of sexually harassing an officer under his supervision.

An investigation determined the allegation was well-founded, but a discipline process related to the complaint was terminated because the Saskatchewan commander at the time, Darrell McFadyen, botched the paperwork.

'He was entitled to a promotion to sergeant, and that promotion has been provided to him.' —Chief Superintendent Garry Jay, RCMP

The case was examined by an internal review panel, which dismissed the matter on March 18.

Chief Superintendent Garry Jay, the manager of human resources for the RCMP in Saskatchewan, told CBC News that the Mounties were obliged to promote Korman, as soon as he qualified for advancement. Jay told CBC News that Korman's promotion was approved six weeks after the review panel dismissed the harassment complaint.

"The reason for preventing Mr. Korman — Cpl. Korman, now Sgt. Korman — from participating in a promotion process in the past was the outstanding discipline," Jay explained. "Where that discipline failed to come to fruition, he was entitled to a promotion to sergeant, and that promotion has been provided to him."

Jay said the problem with poor paperwork affecting a disciplinary process has happened before with the RCMP, but added the Mounties were changing procedures so that sort of problem does not happen again.