They came, they saw, they brought nachos.

And when the Lumsden RCMP were done, some goodwill (and much salsa) had been spread around at a high school party.

Mounties from the southern Saskatchewan detachment became a viral hit when they got wind of a weekend party involving local youth and posted about it on Facebook.

They warned the students they could face hefty fines if there were any laws broken, such as underage drinking or littering.

They also said officers from the detachment would show up with chips and salsa.

It turns out they weren't kidding.

A number of students posted photos of the Mounties and the snacks they brought out of their vehicles.

The story received thousands of Facebook shares and more than 700 comments.

Alyssa Dedman, a Grade 12 student who attended, told CBC News the party was an annual event on private property. She noted the event was chaperoned, with adult supervision, and arrangements had been made for designated drivers.

So when the police showed up and brought munchies with them, it was "cool", she said.

"They told us they wouldn't give us any tickets or anything as long as we behaved," she said. "It was cool. Everybody enjoyed it."