Blackfalds RCMP are asking anyone with information on the cremated remains to contact them. (CBC)

RCMP say they are investigating a woman's scary experience with an angry driver on Highway 11, recently.

Tara McDonald told CBC Radio Host Sheila Coles Friday that the encounter took place on a stretch of highway between Bethune and Craik, west of Regina.

She attempted to pass an SUV, but the other driver began to operate the car in a very aggressive manner. At one point he matched her speed and prevented her from passing safely.

Then, McDonald said, the driver held up a card with an RCMP insignia.

"I didn't see a badge," McDonald recalled. "He didn't announce that  he was a police officer. He just kept holding up this card and pointing to the card and telling me to pull over and slow down."

She added she was concerned for her safety and reluctant to pull over.

"I'm alone with my kids in the car," she said. "I can't bring myself to pull over for a stranger without proper identification. I mean, that's how women end up dead, children end up kidnapped."

CBC News contacted the RCMP who confirmed the driver of the SUV was not a police officer and they are investigating the incident.