Travis Kruszelnicki's body was recovered from Last Mountain Lake Saturday night, one day after he went missing during a storm. 

RCMP say the 36-year-old Regina man was fishing with a friend and the friend's 10-year-old nephew in waist-deep water at Pelican Pointe Friday evening.

When a storm picked up, it created waves over 1.5 m high and swept Kruszelnicki's friend and the boy into the water. The boy grabbed onto a buoy in the lake. Witnesses say they last saw Kruszelnicki diving in, apparently trying to help the others. 

The other man and the boy made it to shore at around 7 p.m. CST Friday evening. 

RCMP and locals helping search couldn't find Kruszelnicki afterwards.

Police divers continued the looking for him underwater Saturday, and eventually found his body within 10 metres of where he was last seen in the water. 

Family members confirmed it was him at 8 p.m. Saturday evening. RCMP say the coroner is still investigating.