The RCMP say they have arrested a driver they believe was responsible for hitting a police cruiser while it was parked at the scene of a rollover Friday evening. 

An off-duty officer reportedly stopped at the scene of a rollover near Percival, Sask. along the Trans-Canada Highway at around 6 p.m. CST. A tow-truck had rolled into the ditch, and nobody was hurt.

Police said the officer was outside of his unmarked cruiser when a passing semi hit the cruiser, which then hit the officer as it was pushed into the ditch.

The officer was taken to hospital and later released. 

The RCMP said they found and arrested the suspected semi driver by 4 a.m. CST Saturday. Police have not given further detail about the identity of the driver or how they were found. 

Investigators are still working to gather evidence and piece together out what happened.