Police in Regina say the death of Ray Allen Yacevich, whose body was found following a fire in a home on Wascana Street, was a homicide.

Yacevich, 53, lived in the house, at 1450 Wascana St.

The fire was called into 911 and around 6 a.m. After the fire was put out, a body was discovered in the home.

Police said an autopsy has led them to believe the man's death was a homicide.

His identity was released Thursday. Police said his family have been notified.

Further investigation will involve searching the home, as soon as it is safe to do so.

It is the second homicide in Regina in 2014, police said.

Police ask for help

On Thursday, police said two other residents of the house have not been seen since the day before the fire and officers were asking for help in locating them.

Two women, a mother and daughter aged 41 and 22, were also residents of the house but have not been seen, or in touch with their families since about mid-evening Saturday, police said.

Police said their families are concerned for their safety.

Investigators said they are confident that there are no other human remains at the fire.

"At this point in the investigation, police do not know what role, if any, the women had in the fire or the homicide," police added. "The primary concern is locating both these women and establishing that they have not experienced any mishap or harm."

Police identified the women as:

  • Rosalyn Faye Wilm, 41.
  • Sarah Dawn Louisa Wilm, 22.
skpic women need to locate

Police in Regina are hoping to locate Rosalyn Faye Wilm, 41 (l) and her daughter Sarah Dawn Louisa Wilm, 22 (r). (Regina Police)