Raven Reflection

More ravens have been seen making their home in Regina recently, with Evraz Place putting a scare program in place to keep ravens from nesting under Mosaic Stadium. (AP)

Evraz Place, the operator of Mosaic Stadium, is hoping to stave off a brooding conspiracy of ravens under the stadium roof, with a new scare program underway to get them to leave.

In the last couple of days, staff at Mosaic Stadium have noticed more ravens at the building, said spokesperson Shalyn Kivela. She noted that if the birds were to nest and establish themselves, it would create a mess and end up ruffling feathers.

Ravens are protected birds, and Evraz Place will be following what it says are best practices to ensure their safety when implementing a scare program starting on Monday.

"It relies on loud sounds to scare the ravens away," said Kivela, saying that the noise can be like a high-pitched whistle or a boom, similar to fireworks.

Residents within a five-block radius may hear the noise, but should know there is no cause for alarm.