Random act of kindness in Luseland, Sask.

The pay it forward phenomenon has found its way to a small town Saskatchewan coffee shop.

Stranger gives restaurant owner $1,000

The pay it forward phenomenon has found its way to a small town Saskatchewan coffee shop.

Last week, an anonymous benefactor gave the owner of a Luseland, Sask. cafe $1,000 to pay for everybody's coffee and food. 

Murray Scogen, owner of the Golden Prairie Restaurant, said customers didn't find out about their free meal until they got up to pay.

"My waitress was the one handling the till," Scogen said. "She kids around quite a bit with the customers, so they didn't really know if she was joking or not. (We) had a few of them insist that she was lying to them. In the end, they all took it and they were very happy about it."

Scogen said he has been sworn to secrecy about the name of the charitable stranger. 

"She asked if a thousand dollars would cover the day," he said. "I said, 'That all depends on how many people you're bringing.' She said, 'No, I am not bringing anybody.' She didn't even come in and have a meal herself."

The $1,000 random donation lasted throughout the entire day. It even inspired other customers at the restaurant to pick up the bill for other patrons.


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