Where it’s raining today, it’s going to continue to rain.

That’s the message from Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Baggaley.

A Colorado low continues to move through the south and central parts of the province from Montana, bringing with it persistent rain and cool temperatures.

Many areas in the province have already seen significant rainfall.

“Cypress Hills Park so far seems to be the winner, if you want to call it that, at 61 millimetres,” Baggaley said in an interview with CBC News Sunday morning.

Other areas that have seen large amounts of rain include Rockglen with 44 millimetres, Coronach and Weyburn with 33 millimetres and Regina with 20 millimetres, according to Baggaley.

He added that most areas affected by the rainfall warnings should expect another 20-25 millimetres before the rain passes late this evening.

Many areas have also seen cooler than normal temperatures with highs in the single digits. 

Cypress Hills Park recorded its lowest temperature ever for August 24, with the mercury rising to just 4.5 C. That broke its previous record of 4.7 C set in 2010.

Normal temperatures for this time of year are about 24 C.

But Baggaley said good news is coming for those who like warm weather. A ridge of high pressure is headed toward the province and temperatures should be above normal by the middle of the week.