Rain cancels several weekend events

The air show in Saskatoon as well as the "I Love Regina" day have been cancelled because of the weather.

Several events have been cancelled in Saskatchewan because of the weather Saturday.

Saskatoon's Remember Our Heroes air show is not taking place this afternoon because of the rain.

People were initially allowed through the gates, but were later asked to leave.

"We don't want our veterans out there in the cold and the rain," said Brian Swidrovich who organized the event. "They've experienced a lot worse than this, but it's just something we don't want to do. It's unfortunate that it's impacting a lot of people — all of our volunteers, the financial side of the project, everything. It has grave issues."

Swidrovich said he hopes the air show will be able to go ahead on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Regina the "I Love Regina Day" has been cancelled downtown, but the Farmer's Market was still a go.

According to Environment Canada there are several thunderstorm warnings in effect in the southwest corner of the province, as well as the Moosomin and Yorkton areas.