People in Regina have noticed an abundance of rabbits.

A booming rabbit population is behind an increase in property damage reports, Regina pest control officers say.

While no official headcount has been conducted, city officials acknowlege the animal is enjoying favourable weather conditions, and people are more likely to see them, especially in groups.

"It is spring mating season for the rabbits," Wade Morrow, Regina's manager of pest control, told CBC News in a recent interview. "That's one of the reasons you may see a few more rabbits, kind of together in groups, this time of year."

Morrow added that the animals can go through a lot of plant material.

"Once they start feeding on trees or shrubs or even gardens, a big jackrabbit can eat quite a bit in a day," Morrow said. "Once you get several large jackrabbits together in the same area they can cause quite a lot of damage in a short period of time."


Wade Morrow, Regina's manager of pest control, says people can discourage rabbits by using bitter tasting repellants on plants. ((CBC))

Morrow said non-toxic repellants can be sprayed on precious plants. The repellants do not hurt rabbits, but the animal will be discouraged by the bitter taste.

Morrow also suggests a physical barrier, such as chicken wire, to keep rabbits at bay.