Quebec Premier Pauline Marois, who called Wall a 'ratoureux' last week, is in the middle of an election campaign.

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is explaining why she thinks Saskatchewan's Brad Wall is sneaky.

Marois used Quebecois slang last week to describe her Prairie counterpart as a sneaky person who always tries to trip her up.

Specifically, she referred to Wall as a "ratoureux." Depending on the translation, that's a cunning, mischievous or sneaky person.

Asked Tuesday about her remark, Marois said she caught Wall allegedly trying to relegate one of her recent labour proposals into the appendix of a joint document rather than including it among the main arguments.

Marois said she and Wall differ in their thinking — though she insists she gets along with all Canadian premiers.


Premier Brad Wall tried a light-hearted response to Marois's comment.

Wall responded to Marois's comment Monday by saying in French that he only ever tries to trip up Saskatchewan's official Opposition NDP.

He says he plans to work at the next round of provincial premiers' meetings with Marois — as long as she still has Quebec's top job after the April 7 election.