After a trek across western Canada, Lionheart will live in a castle-themed barn in southeast Saskatchewan. (Trevor Sutter/YouTube)

The trusty steed of a Quebec man who dressed as a knight will spend his twilight years at a fancy renovated barn in Saskatchewan.

On the weekend, residents of the tiny town of Griffin and area turned out for the grand opening of the stables, which Vincent Gabriel Kirouac, 22, had been helping fix up for several weeks.


Vincent Gabriel Kirouac has ended his quest and his bidding farewell to his trusty steed Lionheart. (Trevor Sutter/YouTube)

Kirouac was in the media eye earlier this summer as he traversed southern Saskatchewan in full knight-in-shining-armour gear, riding his horse Lionheart.

He said he wanted to promote chivalry, integrity, politeness and the importance of respecting people.

Kirouac got as far west as Calgary but had to stop because the trek was too hard on Lionheart.


Vincent Gabriel Kirouac was travelling along Saskatchewan highways this summer with his horse Lionheart. (CBC)

That's when a family near Griffin offered to give the horse a permanent home, something Kirouac readily agreed to.

With a special paint job and some gold trim added, the barn has been made to look a bit like a castle.

"For the horse, for the people and for me ... just a happy ending all over the place," Kirouac said.

Kirouac, who's from Quebec City, returns home on Wednesday.