As the Olympics in Pyeongchang unfold, one Korean-Canadian says she is excited at the prospect of peace between North and South Korea because of the displays of unification.

"I'm really proud and happy that [the] winter Olympics are happening in Pyeongchang," said Woo Jeong Kim, youth ambassador with the Regina Korean Cultural Association.

"The Korean community is coming together, so when they're together with their families, we have lots to talk about."

Unified team and flag

Woo said the unified hockey team, the athletes marching under one flag and the presence of Kim Jong Un's sister at the Games has her hoping for a more peaceful future for the two Koreas.

"I think that when I saw that, as a Korean, I was really happy to see something that I've never seen in [the] past," she said.

"In the beginning, I was surprised, but I was more happy than surprised that something's happening now."

Despite the separation, Woo said that residents of North and South Korea are connected.

"I think for both South and North Korea, we're all Koreans. I think we're trying to show everyone that even though there's a separation between north and south … we're all just human beings."

Woo said the Olympics also provide an opportunity to showcase Korean culture.

"It's something to talk about and we can always advertise Korean cultures and have people get involved and know more about Korean cultures," she said.

With files from Radio-Canada