A free raffle for a pure chocolate Santa could be hard to stomach for the winner, considering the size of the prize.

In imperial measurements, the Santa stands three feet tall and weighs 30 pounds.

That converts to just under one metre tall and almost 14 kilograms of chocolate.

The math on a 3-foot chocolate Santa:

30 pounds of chocolate = 13,607 grams = 272 chocolate bars (50 grams each)

With a typical candy bar weighs 50 grams, the chocolate Santa is the equivalent of 272 chocolate bars.

While the draw for the prize is a free raffle, shop owner David Loblaw is accepting donations for a local charity, Hope's Home.

"You can donate anything," Loblaw explained. "But the biggest problem is what are you going to do with this? This is 30 pounds of Callebaut chocolate."

The winner will not have a long time to decide what to do with the prize. The chocolate Santa contains no preservatives, Loblaw explained, so it has a shelf life of about two months.


A large chocolate Santa will find a new home on Dec. 19. (CBC)

He said people are happy to make donations to Hope's Home, a day care centre for medically fragile children, but some are nervous about the prospect of winning so much chocolate.

"A lot of generous donations," Loblaw said, "but a lot of people saying that's the easy part. The biggest challenge is what if they win?"

He said past winners have shared the prize with family and friends and one donated the chocolate to a local soup kitchen.

Loblaw's shop is in Regina's Cathedral district.

The draw date for the prize is Dec. 19.