A puppy that was almost a goner is now on the road to recovery, thanks to some quick action by animal rescuers.

Fortune was only a few hours old when she was found tied in a bag and tossed in a garbage can on Friday night.

RCMP in Punnichy, Sask., called CCRezQs animal rescue centre in Regina to get the pup some immediate help. She was cold and in poor condition when found. 

fortune ccrezqs puppy march 12 2016

The puppy was cold and urgently needed food when found. (CCRezQs/Facebook)

The rescue team picked her up and quickly attempted to get her some food and get her warm. They say her umbilical cord was still attached and her ears were filled with fluid.

The group posted to Facebook asking for donations for formula for Fortune.

"One pup can go through quite a bit of formula, so we are hoping you can help us out with some donated cans of puppy formula," it posted. 

Fortune moves in with adopted mom

After a rough night of attempted feedings, the team was able to get Fortune to Star, the centre's breast-feeding mother.

The centre said Star immediately took interest in Fortune. 


Star quickly took interest in Fortune, and soon allowed her to milk. (CCRezQs/Facebook)

"She sniffed her then walked away. Sniffed, walked away. Star then licked Fortune's head and we knew we were in!" the centre posted on Facebook.

"Fortune joined Star in her puppy paradise, and was placed among her babies," it wrote.  

The centre said it's optimistic Fortune will be able to recover with her new adopted mom and siblings. 

Punnichy is about 130 kilometres northeast of Regina.


Fortune now has a new adopted mom and siblings, and is on her way to recovering. (CCRezQs/Facebook)