The researchers who are behind the Taking the Pulse of Saskatchewan survey are already thinking about questions for next year.

CBC has been reporting the results of this year's questionnaire that included many hot button topics on social and economic issues.

The University of Saskatchewan's Social Sciences Research Lab, the CBC, the StarPhoenix and the Leader-Post collaborated on the project.

At a town hall meeting last night hosted by the CBC's Costa Maragos and Jill Smith, the researchers who created the survey were answering questions from the public.

Jason Disano, the director of the research lab, said he was also looking forward to future versions of the survey.


The public was able to vote on the Taking the Pulse survey questions Monday night at a town hall meeting hosted by the CBC's Costa Maragos and Jill Smith. (CBC)

"Saskatchewan is increasingly becoming more urbanized and I'd like to ask some questions about that, " Disano said. "How do Saskatchewan people feel specifically about becoming a more urbanized province?"

People at the town hall also had a chance to see how their beliefs line up with this year's survey.

The U of S researchers say Taking the Pulse will be an annual event.