Saskatchewan's Opposition wants an independent assessment of the government's plan to build schools using a public-private partnership.

On Monday, the NDP tabled a private members' bill that would require a review of any P3 project, including a current government plan to build nine schools using that model.

Trent Wotherspoon, the Opposition's finance critic, said such a review is the only way for the public to know it's getting a good deal.

"The concern right now is the government's pushing forward with these P3 schools," Wotherspoon said Monday. "In fact, they have part of the process already out there, RFQs [Requests for Quotes] that are out and they don't have the facts on the table to Saskatchewan people."

Wotherspoon said a review would include details on the costs associated with a P3 project as well as a "value for money analysis."

"To allow the public and governments to go into P3 deals with eyes wide open," he said.

For its part, the provincial government said there will be an independent assessment of the schools project.

Officials said the province will hire a financial firm to do the work and the findings would be made public.