Final recommendations on Saskatchewan's new provincial constituency boundaries have been released and the report suggests more MLAs for Saskatoon and Regina.

If the recommendations are adopted, two new MLAs will be added to Saskatoon's representation in the legislature and Regina would have one MLA added, at the next provincial election.

The new total of MLAs for Saskatoon will become 14. The new total for Regina will be 12.

The new number of MLAs, in total, would be 61, up from 58.

According to the commission, it is expected that the final report will be adopted by the Legislative Assembly and the new boundaries will come into effect in the next provincial election. Until then, the current boundaries remain in effect.

The commison was headed by Queen's Bench Judge Neil Gabrielson, from Saskatoon; Stuart Pollon, a chartered accountant in Regina; Harry Van Mulligen, a retired MLA for the NDP.